The Complete Story of Bombay Bull Ketan Parekh Scam

The proof is what ultimately reveals the truth. In the face of pertinent bits of evidence, years of work and dedication may be rendered ineffective. Yet just like anything else, evidence can also be falsified to harm someone’s reputation. Your understanding of the Madhavpura Scam’s real picture can be gained from the straightforward synthesis of our ideas. It is much simpler to follow the crowd and quite challenging to follow the truth.

Ketan Parekh fell prey to false narratives and all his hard work went in vain. But the truth needs to reach the mass who once got the best service from him.

The Complete Story of Bombay Bull Ketan Parekh Scam

Ketan Parekh began his career by working in the family business with his father and grandfather. He completed his Chartered Accountant degree in 1985 and gradually because of his meticulous approach towards trading, he joined the Indian Stock Market. Parekh was known for his risk-taking abilities and fearless trading. In the 1990s and early 2000s, people associated with Stock Market started calling Parekh the “BIG BULL”. He started understanding the concepts and growth of the new businesses. The software and telecom industries of that time gave him this opportunity. Parekh started working with high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions to make them debt free and raise funds.

Suddenly in 2001, with the worldwide decline of the ICE stocks, Ketan Parekh’s fortune turned completely. He was alleged of taking a sizeable amount loan from the Madhavpura bank and failed to repay it on time. Thus, he was taken into custody following these consequences. He was ordered by the Supreme Court to pay 26 crores of monthly installments to the bank and he was not allowed to take part in the Indian Stock Market for more than ten years.

This much of the story is known to everyone. People believed the false narratives spread against him over the decade and never tried to dig into the matter to know the actual truth. Ketan Parekh never came up with his side of the story in public. His story was only known to some of his close friends and family members. Parekh worked tirelessly for years to repay all his payments to his lenders. And he was able to repay most of it. His dedication to the work was immense. Parekh always believed that he suffered because of his risk-taking activities during his trading days. He could have left the country to live a better life. Parekh’s life could have been better and more peaceful if he had done so. But he chooses to stay in the country and work as per the order of the Supreme Court of India. The world must start knowing him as one of the reputed traders of India.


The false rumors and speculations that were spread against him over the years have conquered people’s minds till now. But this is high time to know all the truth behind the scam and start recognizing Ketan Parekh as a genuine investor.

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