Indian Stock Broker Ketan Parekh Scam Explained

Even while the rumors spread about powerful people do not always have much fire, they still burn down the kingdoms they have built for themselves. Some information is changed for the profit and manipulation of a select few powerful groups. One of the persons that go through a terrible incident like this in life is Ketan Parekh. His life serves as an excellent example of how a single mark on one’s reputation may ruin a lifetime.

Ketan Parekh is one of the most influential traders in the history of the Indian Stock Market. He started his career by assisting his father and grandfather after completing his Chartered Accountant in 1985. Gradually, because of his meticulous approach Parekh joined the Indian Stock Market.

The Real Story Behind Ketan Parekh’s Indian Stock Market Scam

People who are ever connected or have an interest in the Stock Market has heard of Ketan Parekh. He was very popular because of his risk-taking abilities. In the 1990s and early 2000s, he was considered the “Big Bull” of the Indian Stock Market. Parekh started investing in the new ventures of that time. The telecom and software industries gave him that opportunity. Ketan Parekh put considerable time to understand the opportunity of the new companies and their prospect. He started working with financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals in India to make them raise funds and become debt free.

In 2001, Ketan Parekh’s life turned completely with the worldwide breakdown of ICE stocks. He was accused of borrowing a lump sum from the Madhavpura Bank and not making the required payments on time. Thus, following the circumstances, he was taken into custody. The Supreme Court of India ordered him to pay 26 crores of monthly installments to the bank and additionally, he was restricted to take part in Indian Stock Exchange for more than 10 years.

Everyone from that generation is aware of the stock market scam, but there is more to the story that has not yet come to light. Parekh never came up with his side of the story in public. His truth was only restricted to his close friends and family members. Ketan Parekh worked relentlessly for years and was able to pay a sizeable amount to his lenders. He believes that he suffered because of his risk-taking activities during his early trading days.

Parekh had the opportunity to choose a better life by leaving the country. But in contrast to that, he never thought of leaving the country and faced all the orders given by the Supreme Court of India. He still believes that not leaving the country is the right decision he made. Ketan Parekh fought all the circumstances bravely and worked silently for years to repay all the money to his lenders. The world must know him as a warrior who fought against false rumors and speculations to prove himself right.


When it comes to money laundering, India has seen worse. Unlike others, Ketan Parekh stayed in the country and decided to fight for his lost reputation. People need to come out of the fallacious rumors and speculations that are made against him for the last decades and start recognizing him as one of the most genuine and brave investors in the history of the Indian Stock Market.


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